Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you get your Merchandise?
We receive merchandise from various sources including large retailers, Online Retailers, Vendors, Manufacturers, and Businesses going out of business, throughout the United States.

Q: How often do you receive merchandise in your stores?
Our stores receive multiple deliveries 6-7 days a week. There is new merchandise being stocked on the shelves daily.

Q: Does each store carry the same merchandise?
Yes and No. About 30% of the items you will see are in both stores. However, due to the large variety of merchandise we receive at our warehouse, it is impossible to ensure both stores will carry the same merchandise at all times. We would encourage you to visit both Discount Plus stores in order to take advantage of the great deals and unique items each store has to offer at Discounts Plus.

Q: Is there any way to check to see if you have an item in stock?
Absolutely, customers are welcome to call our stores to check on an item. However, if busy, we may need to take your name and number to call you back.

Q: I see items in your store from time to time I wanted to buy, but couldn’t at the time. When I returned it was gone. Will you get these items again?
Yes and No. About 30% of our inventory we order because we feel we can save our customers money. The other 70% are items we receive daily and may be a one-time purchase for us. We would encourage you to purchase at that time as merchandise sells quickly at Discounts Plus. However, with that said, maybe our other store may still have inventory of those items. We would be happy to call and check for you.

Q: I sometimes see boxed sets are missing pieces. Why do you sell them incomplete?
We feel that many of these items have great value to our customers, even as an incomplete set. Usually, this merchandise is reduced in price considerably to account for the missing or broken part.

Q: If I purchased an item that will not fit in my vehicle can I come back and pick it up at a later time?
Yes, Discounts Plus will hold the item for a maximum of 48 hours (2 Days). Unless, other arrangements have been made with the store manager.

Q: Can you help me load a large item into my vehicle?
We can help load a large item onto your vehicle if staffing permits, but because of liability issues we cannot help you tie down merchandise on a vehicle or load merchandise that may cause damage to the vehicle.

Q: Do you sell out of date food?
Yes we do and here is the best kept secret. All those dates on food products – Sell by, use by, best before, – all most none of those dates indicate the safety of food, and they’re not regulated by the government. The current system of expiration dates misleads consumers to believe they must discard food in order to protect their own safety. In fact, the dates are only suggestions by the manufacturer for when the food is supposed to be at its peak quality, not when it is unsafe to eat.

Please check the following websites for more information:

Note: Most food banks will take food up to a year past the date code.

Q: What is Discounts Plus refund policy?
Our complete refund policy can be found on the Customer Service Link located at the bottom of this page and at each store location. We encourage you to ask if you have any questions or concerns about a purchase.

Q: What credit cards do you take?
In-store: We take Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, And the Oregon Trail (EBT) cards

Q: Who do I talk to if I have an issues?
You can call or stop by one of our stores and ask for the store Manager or an Assistant Manager and they will be happy to assist you.

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